All of our cakes are made fresh to order and are never frozen. Due to the complex artistry put into our work, we generally request one week’s notice to fulfill orders. During peak seasons we get extremely busy and strongly recommend ordering two or more weeks in advance. We try to accommodate last minute orders whenever possible and charge a 15% rush fee to the total price. Please call to check for availability.


Wedding Cakes

A guideline for ordering wedding cakes is 3 – 6 months prior to wedding date. While we have done them in as short a time as one week, you run the risk of your date not being available. Wedding cake prices start at $3.00 per serving. We offer FREE wedding cake tastings by appointment.


Transporting Cakes

We offer delivery service on all of the custom cakes we make. However, we cannot be held liable for cakes when the delivery has been waived and are picked up. The person picking the cake up is fully responsible for transporting it safely and correctly to its destination. We take pride in our work and ensure that each cake is properly constructed and supported. If you are concerned in any way, its best to opt for our delivery service. Here are some tips for safely transporting your special occasion cake:

1. Extra attention should be given to stopping, pulling off from a stop and turning. Go SLOWLY! Drive as if you have a newborn baby in the car.

2. Go DIRECTLY to the celebration site. Do not stop to pick up ANYTHING along the way.

3. The car should be kept cool at all times. Heat and humidity are cakes arch enemy. You don’t want to find that the frosting has run off of or that your cake has collapsed.

4. Cakes need to be kept LEVEL. They cannot rest on bucket seats or someone’s lap. They cannot be transported at an angle.